YouLikeHits Bot (WN-Bot v0.9.2)

Hello YouLikeHits fans. As I promise that I will re-publish Bot for YouLikeHits, and now it's time to share with you all.

As we all know now that many widely circulated Bot out there, but very little work or no work at all because the bot has been patched. Or it YouLikeHits has updated their website, so that the bot is not working anymore.

But do not worry because I share bot that works very well and works on all windows operating system.

Function of this Bot:
1. Facebook like
2. Visit website
3. Youtube subscribe
4. Twitter follow

These boots also have my own tests and works very well. Unfortunately, this bot is only a trial for 30 minutes. But do not worry even if the trial for 30 minutes These bots can still be in use again and again as you like.

Via 4FastFile

Tested 100%

Message from me : "Please if you want share my Bot or my post to another forum or blog, pleaseee include the source, cause I found many people has copy my bot and all my words then post and make thread about this bot but did not include the source from my blog. Thanks if you'r understand."


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