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Many webmaster dislike website visitors to leave the website always. So,if we use links to open in new window or tab, our problem will be solved. Along with the visitors will likely be stay the primary website was their visiting.

And after this I'll share some tips concerning how to keep any visitor in your website and blogsite tend not to leave your website or blog if they click on any links from your site. And hopefully these tips useful for you.

Okay well just proceed :
You can add or used targe="blank" to open the link in new tab you want.
Demo :
On the Example button I just add the code target="blank" on my source code.

Here a full code :
<form action="" target="blank">

<input value="BUTTON NAME" type=submit></input>


or you can use (without button, just text) :
<a href="" target="blank">YOUR TEXT WORD</a> 

And if you want to open link in new window just change code target="blank" with target="new" on your link.

Good Luck


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